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Thread: Security Force Assistance: Roles and Missions for SOF and Conventional Forces

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Eagle View Post
    First -- it would have been helpful to have a more definitive thread title, but that's just me. The curiosity factor made me open the thread even against my better judgement.

    The "demand signal" for security force assistance activities will outstrip capacity, both SOF and conventional for the foreseeable future, so there's plenty of work to go around, as long as nobody gets "rice-bowl-itis".

    Future requirements will outstrip tactical capability. That simply means that the OD-A/OD-B skill sets can't cover the broad spectrum of required specialties. Building tactical expertise without development of infrastructure and institutions is insufficient. Additionally, development of non-military security forces lies outside the expertise of SF/MCSOAG except for highly focused CT forces.

    What will be required is a holistic approach across a huge number of Combat, combat support and combat service support specialties, from the ministerial level all the way to the individual soldier/policeman.

    If we start to do this right, maybe we can better prevent bad situations from developing rather than trying to respond to them once they're out of hand.
    Old Eagle,
    I agree 100%. Winning wars is about winning wars or peace for that matter.
    To further add, what about an organization that has all services and is an operational unit?
    In MCTAG's (conventional advisor's) case, obviously the force structure will be what it is as laid out by the Marine Corps; What about having Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, who haved served as FAO's or adviors on the staff? or maybe mixed teams? I could see an SF Soldier or 2 in the "3" shop advising on how to put together a training plan and how to be advisors. The IAG in Iraq is already a mixed organization headed up by mostly staff from the 1st Infantry Division. Would the Army or Air Force (this already happens with Sailors) allow for theirs to be under a Marine organization that does this, that isn't a joint unit? I just throwing out ideas (officer bright ideas OBI's). Anyone want to be stationed in VaBeach?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boot View Post
    Great points; Really good analogy wrt to the British Army. I have to wonder if this those indigenous forces in the long run, had resentment for GB or supported them.
    My personal experience is that the Pak and Indian armies secretly want to be British!! The Jordanians still use the UK 1944 tactics manual according to a friend of mine who has trained with them, but have mostly shed all UK influence, in favour of US.

    The only complete failure was Israel, which was a British "trained" but not "created" Army, in that the predominance of experience and training was from British officers, as was the equipment - however, 60 years on, all this is long since buried, because of the complete absence of a class system!
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