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Thread: Classic USMC Photo

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    Wait til you see one up close.;-)
    Used to be 173 gr FMJ Match, finally 'they' said it was cool to use 168 gr BTHP Match.
    More inherantly accurate projectile.

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    Default Classic USMC photo

    This photo depicts two members of Scout/Sniper platoon from 2/26th Marines, 3d MarDiv, on the north perimeter of Hill 861-A, N/W of Khe Sanh, February, 1968. The shooter is L/Cpl Albert Miranda (El Paso, TX), spotter Cpl David Burdwell ( Ontario, CA), 2dLt Alex "Jeff" Bodenweiser (Salem, OR -deceased), 2d Platoon Commander, CO "E" 2/26. This activity was not 'staged', they were taking turns shooting at a group of NVA who had their 'field mess' & were cooking rice in the valley to the north. problem, they were in excess of 1300-1400 yds away. The rifle was zero'd @ 800 yds. The rifle was similar to a Rem M-700 heavy barrel ADL with a Redfield 3x9 power scope. they each fired a few shots at the NVA until they 'moved out smartly' (running for cover!) while David Douglas Duncan photographed them (and everything else in sight-we had been overrun & there was plenty to take pictures of). Several others of us watched this unfold just out of camera view with another pair of binoculars being passed around. The air strike was better directed than the rifle fire.
    The "button up shirt" mentioned was USMC issued! If you were lucky enough to get one, they were life savers in the mountains of Khe Sanh. They were old dark green wool "field" shirts from a previous era that were resurrected to keep the troops warm. I never found one to fit, so I carried a US G.I. wool blanket up there. "E" Co. spent 94 days at Khe Sanh with a 90% casualty rate, (mostly on Hill 861 & 861-A) with no bath, uniform exchange, & very little water. We had 77 people on duty with the Company when we were replaced by "A" Co. 1/1 Marines led by 1stLt Ray Smith, later known as "E-tool" Smith (retired MGen). He said we were the most 'raggedy-assed Marines" he saw in over 30 years service! These photos are in a book "War Without Heros" by DDD (out of print for years).
    I hope this clears some of your questions up & I am open to questions regarding any of this.
    Semper Fidelis, L/Cpl James N. Kaylor 2349911/0311 E 2/26, 67-68

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    That was a super cool post. I saw Earl Breeding the other day. The old goat is still alive. Anyway, it is always an honor to hear from somebody that was there.
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