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Thread: IMPACT Project in Iraq

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    Default IMPACT Project in Iraq

    This is an interesting initiative that involves international cooperation to deliver humaniterian relief and essential services in Southern Iraq. I would be interested to know more from people who might be involved or aware of it. It's a one-year project, but is supposed to reach 350,000 people. will it be successful?

    INTERSOS mission for Iraq signed IMPACT project between INTERSOS and UNICEF

    Intersos signed a Project Cooperation Agreement with UNICEF for the implementation of the project Humanitarian action for Iraqi Children in Muthanna, Basrah, Thi-Qar, Qadissiya and Najaf Governorates - Southern Iraq - through an integrated mechanism to provide assistance to communities in transition, IMPACT.

    The IMPACTinitiative is designed to enhance the capacity of Intersos and UNICEF to assess and respond swiftly to rapid-onset emergencies...IMPACT will operate through a network of international NGOs in all governorates of Iraq, with an emphasis on the most affected southern and central regions. The goal is to ensure faster, predictable and ultimately more effective delivery of life-saving assistance to populations made critically vulnerable by ongoing conflict and displacement, as well as natural disaster.

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    Not familiar with this one, but we know InerSOS from the mine action community. I'll query my friends about this one.

    One thing I do know, since we're directly involved in a couple of them, is that multiple UN agencies and large NGOs are working to create networks throughout Iraq to both coordinate activities and provide sound sources of "reality on the ground" information. But, if too many of these things are attempted, you know what the outcome will be - continuing stovepiping in order to be the first, the best, the only, the fastest, etc.

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