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    Quote Originally Posted by Azor View Post
    The head of the BfV, Maassen, stated that Islamist terrorism is the BfV's "biggest challenge", not right-wing or left-wing terrorism, or foreign intelligence operations such as Russia's active measures. As head of the BfV since 2012, Maassen would know.
    THEN you are missing the massive fighting ongoing in Hamburg from these not so called left wing terrorists.....right now there are ongoing "true street battles" in a guerrilla hit and run style...

    Things are really getting ugly in Hamburg, with violent G20 protests (mostly hardcore antifas) doing real damage.

    Per German media coverage, Melania's hotel was besieged, 160+ police injured, and lots of things are on fire.

    Police won't clear @FLOTUS to leave residence in Hamburg right now b/c of protests, her spox confirms: ""It's unfortunate."

    However, the actual situation in Hamburg is a good deal worse than the media is reporting. My friends in German intel/LE have the goods.

    I've known them for years; they tell me that police from all over Germany are being dispatched to Hamburg before the #G20 gets overrun.

    Situation is so serious that Berlin has secretly ordered military units (incl armor) to Hamburg in case things get totally out of hand.

    Several Hamburg-area hospitals are already overflowing with casualties; others have been placed on war/mass casualty footing, in prep.

    Three highly trained and very experienced anti riot police teams have headed to Hamburg and it is not even night time yet where then it will be getting worse...if last night was any indcator

    Three major violence focused left groups are involved....antifa, automone, and anarchists.....rumors are that there are left radical groups that have joined them out of Greece and Sweden and Spain.....estimates indicate a total of roughly 10,000 radical leftists ready for violence...facing an equal number of police for a total of 20,000 mixing it up on the streets..

    German BfV ie their MI5 have reported the arrests of radicals out of France, Netherland and Switzerland....and that a large number from outside Germany arrived over the last weeks to avoid border controls....

    They are mixing themselves into peaceful G20 demonstrators then they hit and run out of that peaceful group on the police creating a large amount of chaos and confusion....

    Reporting press is trying to stay close to the events but move out of the way immediately when the "radicals show up"....the radicals are now being called the "Black Bloc"...

    Right now it is one massive cat and mouse game underway with a certain level of violence not seen for a long time in Germany AND it is not coming from jihadists....

    REMEMBER violence directed against the government is shared by both the extreme right and extreme left....the extreme right attacks government objects ie buildings etc....the extreme left attacks representatives of the government ie the police .....both share though a general hatred of the government ........
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