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Thread: RFI Maoist and Taliban Emerging TTP's

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    Default RFI Maoist and Taliban Emerging TTP's


    Looking for some assistance out there. Doing a little research unclass on the possible connections via TTP's between Taliban and Maoist. So far it seems that this is a stretch but if anyone has any unclass sites that might help for a project. Seems the main difference is that Maoist subscribe to a more structured type of atmosphere, feeding of Nation states, and thinking more logically as opposed to the Taliban or Al Qaeda. Any input would be welcomed. Again my stated objective is just basic research looking at different groups. My focus has been in Southwest Asia primarily Indonesia with ties to the JI.


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    I would research not so much for similarities, but for possible ways how the doctrine could have been transferred (beyond reading).

    1st guess; PR China is quasi-allied with Pakistan, Pakistan's ISS created the Taleban. I'd search for a Pakistani source. I remember a comprehensive website and forum about the Pakistani military and would look there for possibly knowledgeable persons.
    1st step probably here:

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    If you havn't already done so recommend you start off by reading "The Selected Military Writings" of Mao; especially volume 2 where he discusses such things as guerilla warfare, strategy, and the relationship between war and politics.

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    You might want to check out Koran, Kalashnikov, and Laptop: The Neo-Taliban Insurgency in Afghanistan by Antonio Guistozzi. There's a section where he talks about Maoist ties, but Kip over at Abu Muqawama doesn't have good things to say about that portion of the book.


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