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Thread: The Strongest Tribe

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    Default The Strongest Tribe

    The Strongest Tribe by SWJ Editors.

    Small Wars Journal has received an advance copy of Bing West’s newest book The Strongest Tribe. We will be posting a review and SWJ interview with Bing in the near future. The early pages and reviews indicate that The Strongest Tribe will be acknowledged as a classic work on counterinsurgency in Iraq – much like The Village defined COIN in Vietnam. The Strongest Tribe can be pre-ordered (highly recommended – 12 August release date) at Amazon. The publisher’s book description, video, several short endorsements and a Random House interview with Bing follow...

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    Default Listen before you read

    Just listened to the four minute video, superb. Circulated around the globe to friends. The last few slides and points need careful thinking.


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