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Thread: wiki entry of suicude bombings

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    Default wiki entry of suicude bombings

    Someone has gone through the effort of generating a wikipedia entry. It's not close to being comprehensive, but it does provide interesting details.


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    Great find.

    One thing that I would point out, that is illustrated well by the article if you look for it - note the suicide attacks in the summer of 2007, particularly July and August. Contrary to the narrative that the dip in violence after August was due to a Sadr militia "ceasefire," the dip was actually due to a significant drop in the number and effectiveness of AQI mass casualty attacks. In particular, note that hundreds of those victims were in northern Iraq (Kirkuk, Tal Afar, predominantly Sunni Arab areas of Diyala, etc), not in Sadrist strongholds. Violence from Sadr's militia dropped two months prior to him calling the "ceasefire." The only thing that kept the death toll high in the interim between June/July 07 and the "ceasefire" in late August was the rate of murders by AQI. Take out the AQI murders and you have a steady drop in civilan deaths beginning in June/July, not late August. The credit for this reduction goes to MNF-I and the ISF, not Sadr.

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    Looking at that list just makes my blood boil

    What's more annoying is that there has been no protests or strong condemnation from any muslim countries. In fact Saudi Arabia's clerics actively support the killing of the 'heretics'.

    Thank God for the growth of the ISF and the continued cooperation with our closest American allies these attacks are decreasing, and hopefully will continue to do so.

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    Default Female Suicide Bombers on Rise

    This was all over the Middle Eastern press today. Interesting that Diyala province has 55% of this year's female suicide bombers.

    International Herald Tribune

    Why so many women? Why now? In a particularly painful twist, the phenomenon seems to have arisen at least in part because of successes in detaining and killing local members of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, a homegrown Sunni insurgent group that American intelligence officials say is led by foreigners.

    The women who become suicide bombers often have lost close male relatives a husband, a brother, a son in fighting, because they became suicide bombers themselves or because they were detained by American or Iraqi security forces.

    Asharq Alawasa
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