Howdy Doody Fellers,

You may have thought I'd left the forum, but alas, I didn't. I have been very busy though.

I'm still at Fort Leavenworth, but have landed new employment (still in the contracting arena). I'm at the NSC, working for the newly designated "TCM" Gaming and Futures Directorate. I think this is one of the more interesting gigs I've had as a contractor. Specifically I'm working on the Live, Virtual & Constructive Integrating Architecture project. Quite challenging in a number of ways. But I won't go into boring detail, as well read as most of you are I'm sure you are familiar with LCV, gaming and integration and all that.

Say, FM 7.0 was rewritten....again. What do you guys think of it? Have any of you had a chance to give it a once over? What do you think?