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    Default All matters MRAP JLTV (merged thread)

    Moderator's Note

    This thread was closed October 2012 to May 2013, as there is a new, main thread 'IEDs: the home-made bombs that changed modern war':

    After an appeal today it has been re-opened (ends).

    7 Nov. Christian Science Monitor - A Junkyard Solution to IEDs. Excerpt follows:

    "The latest thing to come out of the motor pool here at Qalat Forward Operating Base isn't pretty, and it isn't all that easy to steer. But it might just save some lives."

    "It's a minesweeper that rides out front of a Humvee, designed to detect land mines or roadside bombs by setting them off..."

    "The minesweeper, due to make its battlefield debut this month, has a distinctly Frankensteinish look to it - iron welded to iron, a steering column, and a Humvee-length space of nothingness, where an exploding roadside bomb will be unable to do harm. It's the type of battlefield ingenuity that the Pentagon could draw upon as it tasks a high-level general to develop countermeasures to roadside bombs, or improvised explosive devices (IEDs)..."
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