International Conference “NKVD/KGB Activities and its Cooperation with other Secret Services in Central and Eastern Europe 1945-1989
Venue: Prague, Czech Republic
Conference Dates: 19 - 21 November 2008
Languages of the Conference: English, Czech, German
Organizers: Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (CZ), Institute of National Remembrance (Poland), Institute of Historical Studies of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia)
The conference will be divided into 5 panels:

Panel 1: Archives of security forces of Central and Eastern European countries
- the records on the cooperation of security forces of Eastern European countries with the Soviet security services in contemporary archives,
- digitizing of archives, creating information systems, the possibilities of research and cooperation

Panel 2: Establishment of the security apparatus in Soviet satellite states after World War II
- activities of NKVD after World War II (abductions and transfers)
- establishment of communist intelligence services and their co-operation with the KGB, founding of structures and models according to the Soviet example

Panel 3: Central and Eastern Europe as a starting point for intelligence infiltration into the Western societies
- activities against citizens and embassies of the Western countries in the Soviet bloc
- support and protection of international terrorism

Panel 4: Development of cooperation of the NKVD/KGB with satellite intelligence services
- legal framework, structure of organization, Soviet advisers
- education and schooling of staff, information exchange

Panel 5: Operations of communist intelligence services, joint operations managed by KGB
- activities against the exile
- activities against international organizations (NATO, UNESCO, Church)
- infiltration of international movements (peace movement, ecological activities)
- activities against Zionism
- obtaining of technologies in order to arm, scientific technical intelligence service