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Thread: What would a US withdrawal from Iraq look like?

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    Default Media's dangerous narrative for unresolved Iraq problems

    I will not repost the letter I added to another discussion sheet, so I attached the link below:

    The 60 Minutes program tonight on 3 OCT 2010 had a very specific narrative, that Military action to resolve any crisis is wrong, that money was wasted, that General Odinero was to blame, that the militiary can never show Iraqi success, and that future military action will lead to more problems.

    The elite media loves this narrative, but it has no critical analysis and assumes Americans are stupid. If you want to see election problems and problems with governance, visit the gulf coast or Washington D.C.

    THere were no problems regarding security; all of the problems were governance, development and economic. However, there was no discussion on failed USAID leaders or PRT or state department or ambassaders. These are American problems, not General Odinero's or General Austin's problems, but the media have never held civilian leaders accountable (unless your name is Bush).

    MAJ Carl Dick, Fort Leavenworth, 3 OCT 2010

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    Is that the same 60 Minutes that, a couple of years back, was critical of the US Government for not using its military to force Myanmar's government to accept international aid after the country was ravaged by a cyclone...? Seems to me they were also pretty damn happy to see the military step in and maintain order in Haiti recently...

    I guess we should all just pull a chair on the sidelines now and watch it all unravel...

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