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Thread: Seeking GIS help

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    Default Seeking GIS help

    I'm looking to build a beginners toolkit for GIS. The intent is to give newcomers to the field (to include me) a basic ability to work with the software, generate maps, overlays, run queries, etc, in the absence of time\resources to run a formalized training program, e.g. a multi-course certificate program.

    I would be grateful for advice, POIs\sample curricula, military courses (ATRRS, non-ATRRS, whatever), reading lists, practical exercises, free addons, online courses, points of contact, schools\agencies to reach out to (I'm in US\Tennessee) etc, etc. Law enforcement or military perspective would be ideal, but I would welcome anything you think might be helpful. I have done some legwork on it, just don't want to reinvent the wheel if avoidable.

    Preferred tool is ArcGIS - ESRI, but I would appreciate anything, to include Falconview, CAUDK, etc.


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