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Thread: TF Phoenix--AFG info

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    Default TF Phoenix--AFG info

    A good friend of mine was just recalled via IRR and is headed to a ILL NG INF BN that is deploying to AFG, assigned to TF Phoenix. I looked at the TF Phoenix website and it wasn't much help. Just wondering if we got anybody out there that is/was a part of the TF? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks,

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    Default Almost there

    I did not deploy w/ task force Phoenix, but I did help create the CST for 41st BCT when they deployed for it. It is primarily the support structure for the ETT's.

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    Default Think Purple, Act Local

    The Iowa Army National Guard has sent multiple Embedded Training Teams (ETT) over the past couple of years, with another currently heading downrange. Good info on some of our past lessons-learned regarding the adviser mission and Combined Joint Task Force Phoenix should be available via Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) and Battle Command Knowledge System's (BCKS) "Transition Teams" forum. If you/your buddy wish, you can also private message me your dot-mil contact info and I can transmit line-of-sight.

    The organization downrange is extremely difficult to figure out, particularly from a distance. Who's in charge and who's supporting ETT soldiers adminstratively/logistically depends on where you land, region-wise. Add to that challenges in ... let's call it "translation" ... to/within/from a "combined" and "joint" organization.

    For example, one of my favorite war-stories regards an Iowa guard soldier who was sent home on compassionate leave; in making coordinations with CJTF Phoenix downrange regarding a pending request to amend that leave, he was informed by the acting CJTF personnel officer (J1)--an active-duty U.S. Air Force NCO--that the cited policy applied only to "members of the Reserve Component."

    As someone once observed similarly about Brits and Yanks, "The U.S. Army and Air Force (and, perhaps, AC/RC?) are a people separated by a common language."
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    -- A lesson is not "learned" until it results in organizational or behavioral change.
    -- A lesson-learned is not "integrated" until shared successfully with others.

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    Here is my question. I am about to be assigned as an Active Army Advisor to the Illinois NG.

    Does the Active Army Advisor deploy with the units?

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