Greyhawk at the "Mudville Gazette" has put together a video and comment series on the Awakening in Ramadi. Among the videos is this 5 minute video summary of the Battle of Sufia. He uses the narrative from our "Anbar Awakens" article along with maps and images to tell the story of one of the most significant decisions of 2006 - to employ US force in support of tribal elements standing up to AQIZ in the Ramadi area. A decent watch if you have the time. He mispronounces a few things, but the addition of some generic and some actual Ramadi footage adds effect. I especially like the "Lazy Sunday/Lazy Ramadi" background music.

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AQIZ long counted on a secure support base on the east outskirts of town in the Sufia and Julaybah areas. These rural, tribal areas were some of the most dangerous in the Ramadi AO, and intelligence indicated the areas harbored a large support network for the insurgents operating inside the city. AQIZ learned that one of the major sheiks of the Sufia area was considering supporting the Awakening and that he had erected checkpoints to keep out insurgents. Facing a threat to its vital support areas outside of town, AQIZ acted quickly to maintain its grip there.

On 25 November, 30 to 40 gunmen in cars drove into the Albu Soda tribal area and began murdering members of the tribe. AQIZ forces took the tribal militiamen attempting to defend their homes by surprise, killing many while looting and burning their homes. A group of civilians fled in boats across the Euphrates River and reached an Iraqi Army outpost where they breathlessly described what was happening ...