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Thread: My Top Ten Military Research Sites

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    Default My Top Ten Military Research Sites

    My list in no particular order. Links to each site can be found on the SWJ Research Page.

    1. Air War College Gateway (USAF)

    2. Rand

    3. Foreign Military Studies Office (USA)

    4. Small Wars Center of Excellence (USMC)

    5. Strategic Studies Institute (USA)

    6. Center for Army Lessons Learned

    7. Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned

    8. Parameters (USA)

    9. Marine Corps Gazette

    10. Military Review (USA)

    Of course I am quite partial to the Small Wars Journal's Reference Library
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    DDilegge, I wholeheartedly concur with your list. I only regret that CALL has now cut off full access due to my Retired status.

    In addition, I always check out the current editions of the Army professional pubs Armor, Infantry (AKO log-in required), and Field Artillery. Good resources, all.


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