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Thread: Petraeusís Team of Experts to Review Central Command

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    Default Petraeusís Team of Experts to Review Central Command

    Petraeusís Team of Experts to Review Central Command - Sean Naylor, Army Times

    The incoming head of US Central Command, Army Gen. David Petraeus, plans to form a team of under 100 experts to conduct a top-to-bottom strategic assessment of CENTCOM's area of responsibility.

    Petraeus tapped Col. (P) H.R. McMaster to lead the Joint Strategic Assessment Team, or JSAT, according to multiple sources.

    McMaster is widely regarded as one of the Armyís most capable officers. He is the author of ďDereliction of Duty,Ē an examination of the Joint Chiefs of Staffís performance during the Vietnam War, and he commanded the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Tal Afar in western Iraq, a deployment that came to be seen as a model of how to conduct counterinsurgency at the local level.

    The team will include people from government, the military and academia.
    Petraeus takes charge at Central Command on Oct. 31 and the JSAT will begin its work immediately thereafter.

    Sources said the work would likely be completed in February...

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    Systemic Operational Design anyone? Looks like the right Officer for the job.
    "But the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet withstanding, go out to meet it."


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