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Pile-jumping a little bit, but Blackwater's anti-pirate navy has, in the words the USNI blog, sunk.
Complaint: there's too little widely disseminated trade news and background about security contracting.

Background: I currently rely on the sporadic attention of the mainstream press, milbloggers, and press releases for information. The politics behind contracting in the past decade or so have severely poisoned an already dry well.

1) Springboard is an effectively nothing more than a useless, snarkier version of Matt Drudge when it comes to anything related to security contracting, especially where it concerns Xe. Case in point, the McArthur episode--after a year of "reporting" all I've learned is a) he really hates Xe, b) Xe hasn't won any contracts, and c) he really, really, hates Xe.
2) Galrahn loses interests after lampshading a new development.
3) David Isenberg is perpetually fixated on his "hiring locally" pet theory at the expense of broader developments in the field.