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    Default Matters Blackwater (Merged thread)

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    Today I have merged nine threads on Blackwater into one and so changed the thread title.(Ends)

    30 March Norfolk Virginian-Pilot - Blackwater USA Says it Can Supply Forces for Conflicts.

    Stepping into a potential political minefield, Blackwater USA is offering itself up as an army for hire to police the world's trouble spots.

    Cofer Black, vice chairman of the Moyock, N.C.-based private military company, told an international conference in Amman, Jordan, this week that Blackwater stands ready to help keep or restore the peace anywhere it is needed...

    Until now, the eight-year-old company has confined itself to training military and police personnel and providing security guards for government and private clients. Under Black's proposal, it would take on an overt combat role...

    Unlike national and multinational armies, which tend to get bogged down by political and logistical limitations, Black said, Blackwater could have a small, nimble, brigade-size force ready to move into a troubled region on short notice...

    Peter Singer, a scholar at the Brookings Institution who has written a book on private military companies, said the concept of private armies engaging in counter-insurgency missions raises myriad questions about staffing standards, rules of engagement and accountability...
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