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Thread: Mumbai Attacks and their impact

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    Default Nearly ten years later: reflections on the attacks and the aftermath

    A sharp review by Adrian Levy, a UK-based investigative journalist in an Indian website; entitled 'Despite Headley’s Warning, U.S. Prioritised Capturing Bin Laden Over Saving Mumbai'. Leaving aside Headley (who was eventually convicted in the USA) there are other aspects.

    A stinging last paragraph:
    Of course the US did not carry out 26/11. And it would be wrong to accuse Western security agencies of even having exacerbated it. Criminal killers did that. But what Western governments and their agencies did do was —of course –act in their own naked self interest, elevating the targeting of Osama bin Laden, over the threat to Mumbai, an insight into the real world of hard knocks, where special relationships are no replacement for rigorous National Security.
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