Brothers at War is a vivid, detailed look at the Iraq war; delving into the motivations of soldiers and the effects of military service on family members. Critically acclaimed producer, Norman Powell, teamed up with first time director, Jake Rademacher, to put together a great movie that won Best Feature Documentary at the 2008 G.I. Film Festival. It has also received the seal of approval from Army PAO, VFW, American Legion, and the Retired Officers Association, and was recently picked up by MGM for distribution worldwide. I highly recommend everyone go see this movie when it comes out in theaters early next year.

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Synopsis of Film
With a desire to know his brothers better, and see the war in Iraq first hand, Jake Rademacher journeys to Mosul, Iraq to embed in his brotherís unit. Capt. Isaac Rademacher, a West Point graduate, and 2nd in command of an elite Long Range Surveillance Company, gives him access to the world of Intelligence and Operations before embedding him on a secret mission to recon the Syrian Border.

During this humorous and perilous journey, Jake not only sees insurgents sneak across the border, but more importantly gains insight into the heart of the American Soldier. As Jake further explores Iraq, by heading north to Kurdistan, Isaac returns to a young daughter who does not remember him.

After six weeks of adventures in Iraq, Jake returns only to have his experience rejected by his youngest brother, 19 year old Corporal Joseph Rademacher, a combat veteran and sniper with the 82nd Airborne. Jake returns to Iraq, and embeds with three combat units in the heart of the
Sunni Triangle. As the combat action intensifies, so does his understanding of his brothers' war in Iraq.

In addition to providing an up close and personal view of our soldiers at war, "Brothers at War" is a deeply personal view of a family divided, but ultimately profoundly bonded by the crucible of war.