Iraq in the Obama Administration
December 2008

This new USIP report highlights the obstacles to stability in Iraq in the coming year and the challenges President Obama will face as he aims to reduce the U.S. presence there. This report is the product of discussions among Iraq experts who span the political spectrum but who agree that Iraq will require urgent and immediate attention from the new administration.

The global financial crisis and turmoil elsewhere in the world have caused Iraq to fall off the front pages, due to relative calm there. However, any appearance of Iraq being on a glide path to long-term stability is illusory. "Iraq in the Obama Administration" calls the incoming administrationís attention to key trouble spots and offers specific recommendations about how to address them.

Daniel Serwer, vice-president for Post-Conflict, Peace and Stability Operations at USIP, said, "This report comes at a critical time, as the complexity of the administration transition and a range of other pressing concerns may result in Iraq not getting the attention it requires. Despite improvements, vital U.S. interests are at stake in Iraq, and it cannot be ignored."

The expert working group that contributed to this report is the continuation of the expert advisory groups for the Iraq Study Group, which USIP managed. These experts represent a wide range of institutions and political viewpoints.
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