I cannot help but think that the process of getting hired on as a contractor is at least part of the problem, when it comes to getting quality people.

Sometimes, the problem appears to be "get a warm body in there", where they just hire someone sight unseen, with little regard to qualifications or suitability. Two of my contracting gigs were cold calls, to me, asking to come work for a company. I have no idea where they got my name, and once I accepted the job, it became apparent that they didn't care if I knew how to do the job or not.

But even more corrosive, I think, is the long, drawn-out process of COR approval, when the military is trying to appear to be getting the most qualified person possible. (emphasis on "appear") I have personally witnessed several extremely qualified individuals drop out of the process out of frustration at this point. I can't help but think that this is a phoney, "appearance of due diligence" move by the COR.

I know we have a few contractors on the board, and I'm wondering what you think about the hiring process. Not that I'm motivated by personal frustration, myself....