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Thread: Army Discriminates Against Single Career Soldiers Deploying in Support of GWOT

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    Quote Originally Posted by 120mm View Post
    Just sniping here, but you do too have an interest. You pay taxes, just like the rest of us.
    True. However, there are about 5,697 things on my list that are more of a waste my tax dollars; more than BAH for deployed single guys. That is something I actually don't mind paying for. $4 billion for global warming/carbon emmissions research chaps my ass a little more...

    And please, spare me the "holy sainted soldier" b.s.. Frankly, soldier pay is more than ample, now. Especially since a significant amount of it is direct benefit, which makes their net pay seem smaller.
    Agreed. I think the pay is awesome. I am a man with mediocre talent and very average intelligence; I don't think I could make this much money/great benefits anwhere else. I make a pretty good living in the military, and I'm thankful for all that the Army provides for me and my family.
    Sir, what the hell are we doing?

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    Yes sir, I too have many more things on the "wasteful list".

    Regarding my last; "It would be a very hypocritical man who thought it okay for him to steal from the taxpayers or derive any largesse, whilst pointing the finger at others who do the same. Communist attitudes infect many otherwise good people within our society and even the nobler subcultures."

    I would not accuse anyone here, but I fear the "largesse/entitlement" attitude is even capable of extending itself to some of our nation's heroes like Duke Cunningham for example & some others that I know of.

    In this way I fear what the philosophy of communism poses for us all in a world where individuals are unaccountable & governance is total.

    In my quote above I'm trying, perhaps poorly, to say "I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't agree with this army policy".

    Sorry if that did not come across the best

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    Default So what I see here is....

    Reading the MILPER Messages 07-034 and 08-065 and my knowledge of the Army, here is my $.02…

    If government quarters are available to the Soldier, than he/she doesn’t get the additional money. So if government quarters are available in dependent-restricted areas, the Soldiers live in those quarters. If married Soldiers leave their family in government quarters, they don’t receive the BAH. If they obtain a statement of nonavailability, they get additional money for their families to have a roof over their head. The money isn’t about the Soldier, it is about the family!

    What I really see is a bigger concern…

    There is “a Major in the Active Army temporarily assigned to a Training and Transition Team headed to Iraq for 12 months. I am permanently assigned to the Pentagon, G3 Force Management Office as the Aviation Organizational and Force Integrator” that “actually TCSed and will not lose my BAH.” In direct violation of the MILPER Message…..policy placed by Department of the Army.

    Sounds as if someone employed his rank and position to serve himself, not to serve his country and his unit. Utilized his position to obtain pleasure (since he was displeased with the policy) and profit (since he isn’t losing about $1800 in BAH shortly).

    The dishonorable acts of one officer diminishes the officer corps; the actions of the officer must always be above reproach.

    The complaint should be how does he get to keep his while other Soldiers have to take a loss in this area!

    Again, just my $.02

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