I am going to make a not so bold prediction that we will see a significant increase in terrorist activity against American interests as the combat in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down. I say not so bold because of the historic patterns we have seen from Afghanistan (vs. Russia) Bosnia, Chechnya were trained jihadists become available to create terror far from the conflict that they began in.

The question is this; are the terrorist strikes going to be primarily against US interests overseas (embassy bombings and attacks against US companies overseas), or against targets in the US itself (9/11)? The next question is what is the best method for preventing/reducing these attacks? Do we continue on aggressive overseas adventures that will continue to recruit new jihadists, but occupy them so they are less likely to strike elsewhere; do we switch to an international law enforcement model, or other?

I will advocate strongly against the continued overseas adventures, at some point they must end, and then there will be plenty of trained jihadists looking for targets. I have some ideas, but I would like to defer to the expertise of the council, and see if my thoughts match up.