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Thread: A New Model for Foreign Aid?

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    Default A New Model for Foreign Aid?

    As may or may not know, George Rupp, President of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) was rumored to be a candidate for AID administrator. With the appointment of acting administrator Fulgham, there's speculation that larger change is in the air. I wonder if Rupp's research trip to the UK to review DFID is an indicator of these changes and his candidacy....

    See A New Model for Foreign Aid By Anne C. Richard;

    "The "DFID Model": Lessons for the U.S.;

    A Reliance on Smart Power: Reforming the Foreign Assistance Bureaucracy; and

    Defining the Military’s Role towards Foreign Policy
    Testimony of George Rupp
    President and CEO, International Rescue Committee
    Before the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    The opening paragraph of the conclusion of this last piece is worth quoting, I think:

    As Secretary of Defense Gates stated earlier this month, “We cannot kill or capture our way to victory.” We are learning that the fight against extremism will not be won in the battlefield. The enemy is not terrorism; the enemy is ignorance and poverty. The remedy is health, education, and economic development, carried out in a cost effective way by experts.
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