SOCOM has 50.000 men! That's almost 3 divisions. What can be "special" about that?

After the persistant Marines ego trip, trying to replicate everything and becoming an army within the army, SOCOM is now trying the same, putting "special" on everything and trying to create the fifth or six component force, all complete with naval and aerial section.

If anything SOCOM shouldn't be expanded, it should be *drastically* cut (like the Marines). Is it just because regular units are full of guys and gals in it for the education they'll get afterwards, or is because "special" is cool, or because there is so much pork in the system that the power & money games inflate SOCOM? In any case a lot of "special" seems Ranger work - max.

In so far a (near-)merger with CIA assets would be a good thing, but only if "special" really becomes special again. Not more than 10.000 men I'd say. Like the immortals of the old Persian kings.