This generic list was part of a module to make visible the exisiting prejudices living amongst personnel of both organizations working in mission areas

Military vs Civilians

Disciplined vs Independent
Hierarchical vs Decentralised
Command & Control vs Consensus & Agreement
Whole career training vs On the Job training
Doctrinal Publications vs Few field manuals
End State Approach vs Long Term View
Objectives driven by politics vs driven by humanitarian concerns
Extension of State vs State
Extension of State vs State free
Extension of State vs Multilateral
Extension of State vs Governmental
Extension of State vs Intergovernmental
Extension of State vs Non Governmental
Hierarchical vs Non Hierarchical
Tradition rich vs Tradition rich
Formal vs Informal
Doctrinal vs Principles
Rigid vs Ad-hoc
Highly Structured vs Loosely Configured
Boys with Toys vs Non Guided Organizations
Rigid vs Children of the Sixties
Authoritarian vs Flaky do gooders
Conservative vs undisciplined
Impatient vs unpunctual
Civilian Phobic vs anarchic
Excessively Security Conscious vs self righteous
Militaristic vs anti military