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    Default An Era of Near Unstoppable Terrorism?

    A sombre analysis by a Canadian analyst via ICCT based in Holland, after recent attacks.

    A key passage:
    Perhaps most importantly, the advent of cars as weapons of destruction may mean we are moving into an era of all-but-unstoppable acts of terrorism. When the commonplace becomes the tool of choice security and law enforcement agencies lose an important advantage: the ability to monitor the acquisition of guns or the manufacture of explosives.

    We may in the end need to accept a certain background level of successful terrorist attacks, much like we do for other serious crimes like murder and violent assault. This is not an admission of failure nor an act of surrender: it is an acknowledgement that our security agencies, which are very professional and capable and which stop the vast majority of planned attacks, are not perfect and should not be subjected to an unreasonable standard.

    A BBC overview of recent attacks:

    I do wonder if the public, let alone politicians can resist the calls for "better security" and accept a level of such attacks.
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