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Thread: Shut Down West Point and the War Colleges

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmericanPride View Post
    tuition and room/board is paid by the taxpayer, and employment is guaranteed upon graduation.
    Indentured servitude?

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    The difference is that indentured servants incurred a debt prior to their labor commitment, while West Pointers agree to exchange X years in the Army for an education and a job. If other universities could gurantee employment after graduation, I'm sure their numbers would increase too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uboat509 View Post
    I did not see AMU on that list. Since that is who I am getting my BA through I was kind of hoping that they would be near the top. I will have to assume that it was an oversight.

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    I'm slogging through an AMU Master's. I hear ya. BTW, I'm not a West Pointer.
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    Default Us. News and World Report - West Point #1 Liberal Arts College

    U.S. News and World Report university rankings for 2010 have been released.
    As was the case last year, West Point has again been ranked as the #1 Public
    Liberal Arts College, and tied for #14 overall Liberal Arts College, in the

    In the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs category, West Point was
    ranked #4 overall, with our Civil Engineering Program #2, Mechanical #8, and
    Electrical #9.

    Using last year's reported data, High School counselors also ranked Liberal
    Arts schools, with West Point coming in #3 in "best education for students."

    This is from the August 20, 2009 issue of U.S. News and World Report,
    currently available on newsstands.


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