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Thread: Using drones: principles, tactics and results (amended title)

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    I'm not surprised by this connection, given how 'drones' were part of a large package which was created by Israel after it was forced to think and act laterally after the bloody face it's airforce was given under Zugzwang in 1973.


    The rather cheap and low level drones are of course a different story with different implications. They have already penetrated the civil society and are increasingly used here in the Alps by firefighters, mountain rescue teams, wildlife protection* (roe deer fawns) and many more and so forth.

    The only big tech hardware problem for those applications remains the battery. Organisation, cooperation, training and laws are still a challenge in some areas. Canines have long been used by rescue services, law enforcement and hunters and arguably demand a lot more effort and training and can only work with their handler. The adoption of drones should overall be easier and cheaper.

    ISIL certainly demostrated how much tech was available at a surprisingly low price and what could be done on a low budget. There is obviously still a lot of scope and room to explore.


    *During haying. Can help to finance the common project.
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