I read an article a few years back by a British General who raised concern that the U.S. Army's Warrior Ethos may be counterproductive in the COIN environment - that it reinforces the 'kill-capture' culture. I didn't give it that much thought, but when I was reading Galula's "Pacification of Algeria", he was adamant that that last guys he wanted in his command were 'warriors.' For anyone who has been in combat we know the attitude of courage and can-do spirit we want around us, and we generally consider them - warriors. But I think both men are on to something. I don't think we are looking to mold kinder & gentler Soldiers, but rather Soldiers who have better appreciation for non-kinetic methods. Revising the some of our bedrock tenets/creeds may be in order. It's a sensitive subject because of the intense pride involved, but I think it is worthy of consideration.