with the expected results.


I wouldn't doubt his contract was signed on the last day of the month. Indicator #1. I'm suprised with the pressure on recruiting over recent years more of these stories haven't arisen. This could have also gone into the social sciences section as to where do you draw the line on mental accuity for recruits? Could Forrest Gump really make it in the military? IMO, almost certainly not, though I'm sure many have personal experiences of meeting their own "Forrest Gump's" in service.

I've also decided Mr. Fidell's plea to the MOJO is clearly an attempt at sarcasm which is one reason I posted this article in the law forum. Since when has common sense been exercised much in recent years over there?

But my the big issue I think is how the military justice system has been so slow to adapt to the mental health issues that effect the cases in their system, particulary those related to combat. I recall there was a MCO or MARADMIN some time ago that required weighing mental health issues for adseps(?), but its execution, from what I can gather, is pretty much nil.

“This strikes me as a stupid case to prosecute,” said Fidell, a senior partner in the law firm Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell. “I think the chief of military justice should intervene to have the case dropped. It does not foster confidence in the recruitment process or military law.”