Thread re-opened after a day in the archives in London, my research came across a book on North Waziristan 1946-1947, which has first-hand reporting on Political Agents as they were called and a sad tale follows in a moment.

The book is 'Frontier Legion: With the Khassadars of North Waziristan' by Frank Leeson, a very young Ghurkha officer, which was published in 2003. He describes the area:
When one speaks of them as hills, rolling downs on which tanks and cavalry can operate are not meant, but the worst mountain-warfare country imaginable – steep precipices, narrow winding valleys every vantage point commanded by another, and innumerable refuges and routes of escape.
Link to book, alas without reviews:

For background see this 2008 BBC News item on him:

On June 21st 1946 John "Jos" Donald, the Political Agent for twelve consecutive years, was ambushed by Mahsud tribesmen and held for ten days until a ransom was paid. The Mahsuds refused to return the ransom and the political-military authorities examined their options - they agreed to use aerial bombing (to destroy buildings). "Jos" returned from recuperation leave, engaged in several meetings (Jirga) with the Mahsuds and wrote to the Provincial Governor that he was incapable of carrying out his duty. Soon after he took his own life. (From pg.234).

By mistake the bombing caused a few deaths and led to a political furore across India - at one stage Gandi, from the Congress Party, visited the area and other parts of North West Frontier Province - with a hostile verbal reception from the Pathan tribes at meetings.