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This is not a Charlie Dunlap thread; but he started writing about this topic in 2001. Let's start with two shorter articles; and end with his law review article from 2001.

Lawfare amid warfare 2007 (Wash Times)

Lawfare: A Decisive Element of 21st-Century Conflicts? 2009 (JFQ)

Law and Military Interventions: Preserving Humanitarian Values in 21st Conflicts 2001 (Duke)

Lawfare, in concept, is earlier - and was predicted in effect by the JAG School in 1959 - suggested as part of "Unrestricted Warfare" in 1999 as part of a larger concept - see links in this post.

Adoption of the 1977 Additional Protocal I to the GCs seems the earliest example of Lawfare at its highest level. See Rex A. Childers, THE RATIONALITY OF NONCONFORMITY: THE UNITED STATES DECISION TO REFUSE RATIFICATION OF PROTOCOL I ADDITIONAL TO THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS OF 1949 (2008), which discusses this example of Lawfare from the standpoint of national strategies.

Probably all the textbooks you need to get started.

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