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    Default UK CT strategy: a new version and more

    Last week the UK government published an updated edition of 'Operation Contest', along with attendant publicity and with some new legislation being presented to Parliament.

    The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid (IIRC a non-practicing Muslim), placed an emphasis in his speech on:
    Ultimately, our approach is about ensuring that there are no safe spaces for terrorists...First, we will work to disrupt threats earlier and we are bringing forward new legislation to enable us to do that.WeÂ’ll intervene earlier in investigations.....Fourth, we will work more closely with key partners outside of central government. We are piloting new multi-agency centres in London, Manchester and the West Midlands, to bring together the widest range of partners and improve our understanding of those at risk of becoming involved in terrorism. No government can say it will be possible to stop every single attack before it happens.This is the reality.

    One London-based writer was very critical:
    Javid is now in danger of capitulating to terrorismÂ’s prime goal, which is to undermine the liberties and dignities of the state. Britain is utterly obsessed with terrorism....We must be educated to accept a balance of risk. Terrorists aim to change our way of life. They want to show our much-vaunted freedoms and tolerances to be a sham. The one thing not to do is suggest they might be right. That is what Javid is doing today.

    In response to the new legislation Liberty, a human rights NGO, has issued a briefing.

    In one parliamentary debate the Security Minister (a former Army officer who served in Northern Ireland) stated that "400 fighters had returned from the Middle East, only 10% have been prosecuted".

    Yesterday the UK's top police officer responsible for CT issued a statement:
    In the year to March 2018, 441 arrests were made, compared to 378 in the preceding year, marking a 17 per cent increase.

    The police statement refers to the published figures and with my emphasis:
    143 (32%) resulted in a charge, of which 114 (80%) were terrorism-related and 250 (57%) were released without charge. Individuals can be detained for up to 14 days (solitary confinement) under the Terrorism Act. There were 156 detentions in 2017, only 52 of which led to a charge.
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