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Thread: Rule of Law in Afghanistan

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    Default Rule of Law in Afghanistan

    From the US Army Website by 1st Lt. Lory Stevens: New courthouses promote rule of law in Afghanistan

    It is impossible for the Afghan government to maintain legitimacy without a functioning justice system, noted Capt. Bruce Tyler, command judge advocate for Task Force Warrior.

    A system of checks and balances is needed to eliminate crime and corruption, provide suspects a fair and just trial, prosecute criminals, and establish correctional facilities, not only to house convicted criminals, but also to rehabilitate those capable of reintegrating back into society, he said.

    "As businesses start to thrive in Afghanistan, a system to handle property rights and disputes is needed or else businesses will not develop," Tyler said. He stressed the importance of a legal system to support Afghan National Police as the force works to secure the population.

    Over the past year, the Commander's Emergency Response Program funded projects to stock district and provincial courts in Kapisa, Parwan, Panjshir and Bamyan provinces with office supplies, Afghan constitutions, more than 30,000 rule-of-law comic books, 300 Qaza magazine sets, 500 judicial reference sets, 800 Afghan civics guides and 10 legal library sets.

    Other efforts included the facilitation of radio broadcasts dedicated to rule-of-law issues and legal research courses for Kapisa and Parwan judges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surferbeetle View Post
    From the US Army Website by 1st Lt. Lory Stevens: New courthouses promote rule of law in Afghanistan
    Now assign each courthouse an embedded advisory team or all of this will be a waste.
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    Default Just a couple of links, for future reference.

    Afghan Laws (Database last updated: 31 March 2008) and ALDEC (by Afghanistan Rule of Law Project).


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