SWJ Blog mentions today an editorial in The Sunday Times and refers to a war correspondent, Miles Amoore who went to Afghanistan to report. Last week in Helmand, as he waited to fly to the front line, he learnt that his younger brother, an army officer, had been severely wounded by a Taliban bomb: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/new...cle6727670.ece

I know similar accounts of soldiering appear here regularly, like Tim Karcher's and the difference is the author is a blood brother.

I noted one short paragraph:

One rifleman, sent to console and help relatives of the regimentís wounded soldiers, pointed out that if the army had more helicopters perhaps they could have airlifted the digger instead of forcing platoons to run the areaís maze of IEDs.
Yes, the injury came when escorting a bulldozer between strongholds.