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I'm not sure I understand what the problem is. You are correct that the 30 days of leave equates to 3 weeks if the leave is used in a manner in which it overlaps with weekends. That is a pretty simple issue to solve. Start your leave on a Monday and/or end it on a Friday. I did that for 9 years.

Furthermore, passes are common and have been getting more common as the war has gone on. Oh no, POV inspection and some other minor administrative hoops? Geez, 30 minutes out of your life to take a few days off with full pay.

But despite my different take on the issue, I do agree that the Army should not advertise the 30 days off. The Army is a service-oriented institution. The commercials and other promotional material pushes way too hard on the "what it's in in for me?" angle. I wish we pushed harder to emphasize the challenges, the demands, and high expectations. This may be a federal job, but it shouldn't be like the others.
1. I completely agree with your last point. See the Marines as an example.

2. We might have run into a major cultural difference here. just take leave beginning on Monday and ending on Friday? you can't take successive M-F leaves (at least not if they're following regs). So if you're actually planning on taking a real vacation (as opposed to a short trip....nothing wrong with a quick four day to Paris but if you plan on going anywhere else....) that doesn't work.
as for the work required: these days, it's not just inspections and leave forms, it's also pointless country briefings, "antiterrorism training", and often having to get a general officer sign off on any real travel.