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Thread: Making Enemies in Afghanistan

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    Default Making Enemies in Afghanistan

    George Will's latest column seems to have inspired quite a bit of debate. This post reacts to some of Will's critics.

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    Default Making enemies


    Good find, even if those immersed in Afghan matters have seen some of the articles or viewpoints cited and many are on SWC, albeit in different threads. The developments in Herat had missed the UK press - perhaps the Italian press didn't.


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    Do you think its fair to say that the US is hobbled by a "worst of both worlds" situation in afghanistan: It has set up a puppet regime that is not really a puppet regime and that is not directly controlled (even if behind the scenes) in an efficient and effective manner. It gets all the flack associated with having a puppet regime, but not all the benefits? Just as a thought experiment, what if the US had set up an occupation authority that it really and truly controlled? OR a real afghan govt that has to take responsibility for successes and failures, but gets help from the US? Is it too late for option two even now? Would nasty and covert things would have to be done to get such a regime off on the right foot (OK, no one is going to tell if the things needed are that covert, but are ANY actions needed)? Who is in overall charge in Kabul from the US side? is there unity of command and a clear plan? if not, why not? Finally, why does there seem to be unity of command on the other side? Why can the taliban organize a coherent insurgency in the face of the world's most powerful army? Could it be that the US doesnt even know who or what they are facing? In other words, could the emperor have no clothes? (another "worst of both worlds" situation: everyone in the region thinks the US is evil AND has eyes and tentacles everywhere so they get all the flack associated with being Dr. Evil, while they actually operate closer to the level of bureaucratic BS and CYA associated with decaying empires? just a thought). As you can see, I worry...


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