Dear SWJ Community,

I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan. I am also a former Marine Corps Staff Sergeant (1993-2000). I am currently working on my doctorate degree in sociology and I am writing my dissertation on the political views of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans toward the current war in Iraq. I am searching for OEF/OIF veterans who are active in voicing their views either in support or opposition to the Iraq war. In other words, if you are either writing blogs, participating in rallies, actively supporting political candidates who represent your view toward the war, or are involved in an organization that supports your view toward the war then I would like to talk to you.

Why am I doing this? Because there is emerging statistical data on what various groups of people throughout the United States think about the war in Iraq, but nothing in sociological literature on what military members who have been to Iraq or Afghanistan think about the war in Iraq. If you would like your view to be represented then I highly encourage you to participate in my study.

The interview will consist of only one-hour of your time and can take place at a location of your choosing. If meeting one-on-one is not logistically feasible then I can also arrange a telephone interview. During the interview I will be asking questions about your own political views toward the war in Iraq. Unfortunately, there is no financial compensation for taking part in this study; however you will be helping a fellow veteran move closer to earning his doctorate degree. Please send me a PM to participate in this study. I look
forward to hearing from you and also welcome any suggestions on how to find veterans who are politically active to interview.