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    Default vietnam mccrystal

    I'm looking for General McCrystal's thesis on Vietnam. One time, I found it on line, downloaded it and later there was a mistake on my PC. Does anyone have a copy?

    I'm working on small wars and counterinsurgency for an Italian think thank with the government called: Magna Carta (weblinks added: and .

    Thank you

    Leonardo Tirabassi
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    Angry mistake petraeus of course

    Petraeus of course!!!!!

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    Default Dave Petraeus's dissertation...

    is well worth the reading. To what extent this 1987 tome (well researched and with some interesting interviews he did) still influences his worldview is something on which I won't speculate. GEN McChrystal's initial report and subsequent request for more troops are consistent with the conclusions of the 1987 thesis.

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