"Son of a Lion" will open in the UK on November 6th. Fascinating glimpse into Darra Adam Khel, bordering Pakistan's tribal areas.

‘This is one of my favourite films ever’- David Kilcullen, author of The Accidental Guerrilla

Screening Venues and Dates:

  • Glasgow Film Theatre: November 12th followed by Q&A by director Benjamin Gilmour- www.gft.org.uk

  • Additional Screening dates and venues TBA

In Pakistan’s tribal weapon-making village of Darra Adam Khel, a young Pashtun boy Niaz Afridi defies his father’s expectation to carry on the family’s gun making business and demands an education instead. Son of a Lion is the feature film debut by Australian film-maker Benjamin Gilmour.

The idea behind Son of a Lion was conceived while Gilmour was working as a set nurse on ‘The Bill’ and ‘Murphy’s Law’. After being turned down by major UK media corporations to produce the film, Gilmour elaborates on his unique experience- “I ended up in the wilds of tribal Pakistan and was befriended by ethnic Pashtuns facing aerial attacks from US drones and ground attacks from their own army. While sheltered by the locals and constantly pursued by secret service and the military, a local clan collaborated with me to make this film at a great risk to their own lives. The original script for Son of a Lion changed remarkably as numerous Pashtuns contributed to make it a story of their own, a story they are desperate for the world to hear. It is without a doubt the first feature film of its kind, written and directed in close collaboration with the Pashtuns themselves.”

Comprising of a cast of newcomers, Son of a Lion has drawn critical acclaim at international film festivals and is a 2008 Independent Spirit Award Winner. With its focus on groundbreaking and innovative films from South Asia, Mara Pictures is proud to present the film to audiences in the United Kingdom. “Son of a Lion is exactly the kind of film that audience across the world need to see in today’s political climate – it provides invaluable insight on a region that is continuously under attack,” says Roopa Saini, Head of Acquisitions for Mara Pictures.

“As the UK struggles to make headway in Afghanistan and frustrations about the militants in Pakistan increases, an insight into the Pashtun mindset is timely. Through this story of a boy resisting his traditionalist father and breaking away to embrace the idea of education, we are able to realise that true change is only possible from within,” states Gilmour.

“Son of a Lion” packs emotional punch and engaging political discussion’ - Richard Kuipers, Variety

‘This gritty drama affords rich insight into little-documented aspects of life in the wake of the Afghanistan conflict. The film features strong, relaxed acting across the board...’ - Jonathan Romney, Screen

‘This is one of my favourite films ever’- David Kilcullen, author of The Accidental Guerilla

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