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Thread: Borneo Confrontation: a small, secret war

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    Default Borneo Confrontation: a small, secret war

    Inspired by an old post of Ken's I started looking at 'Operation Claret', a British and allied forces operation in the Indonesian Confrontation in the mid-1960's. This link is helpful: (A secret cross-border operation till disclosed in the UK in 1974 and Australia in 1996).

    Looking deeper I came across an item from the Borneo Research Bulletin, from 2006, based on the unpublished memoirs of Tim Hardy, the former British head of Special Branch in Borneo (part of Malaysia), December 1961-March 1968, which is previously unknown to me as an illustration of post-Imperial political intelligence work:

    There are several versions of the article, this one appears to be complete and not behind a fee paying wall.

    For those not familiar with the area: and the book Ken read was: (which has other linked books on the subject / period).

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