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Thread: Think Again: Africa's Crisis

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    Default Think Again: Africa's Crisis

    A refreshing counterpoint to the endless doomsaying about African countries.

    Not that the many people with case studies about the enormous problems are wrong, but that's not the totality of the issue. Much like the idea that the world is much more violent now than during the Cold War (Kaplan's The Coming Anarchy book led the way on this one), when in fact it is quite the opposite.

    I blame general historical illiteracy as well as the advent of 24-hour cable news.

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    Default JC, You're right

    It's time for a good news story in Sub-Sahara.

    Never made it to Niger or Chad other than a brief stop in a C5 for refueling.

    This para however sums up my decade with almost 7 countries.

    Too many people in Africa suffer under dictatorial regimes; too many parents see their children die of diseases that can be treated for cents; too many children leave school uneducated or never make it to class in the first place.
    Aid Doesn't Work
    It does, but our applications are all wrong and only serve to bolster the current regimes as described above. We were out-classed in 85 by uneducated dictators and we are playing the very same game again two decades later.
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