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    Greetings all! I'm assembling the syllabus for an undergraduate course on "Intelligence, Covert Action, and National Security Policy." Part of the course will discuss the transformation of defense/military intelligence-particularly the concept of "operationalizing" intelligence. There is quite a lot of literature on the subject, but I'd like to find one or two case studies explaining how the theories worked in practice in Afghanistan, Iraq, or elsewhere. Any thoughts? Many thanks! --Dave A.

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    I would suggest that this topic has already been well covered in academic studies, including Gregory Treverton IIRC. It would be topical to have recent examples, but open sources will be incomplete and where they are available will only be at the tactical level; with examples like Wanat and Op Anaconba (both sibject of threads here).

    Perhaps students will not recognise historical examples readily, but there are many case studies available - IIRC in the Blogs to Watch thread there is such a website id'd.

    'Charlie's War' would be a good introduction to the theme and a lot of the odd alliance response to the Soviet invasion is well recorded. Try the Cold War History group for example; useful as it has both sides viewpoints, IIRC on the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and covert aid to Solidarity in Poland.

    Another would be Angola, when the Portugese left and a civil war ensued. Covert action a-plenty and a dismal failure - with a very marked impact on South Africa.

    Look at other nations than the USA, especially where there has been regime change.

    CT is another area, look at the first Colin Cramphorn lecture by Peter Clarke, who comments on moving warning intelligence down to a patrolling police officer:

    I am sure there are numerous examples since 9/11 in the USA, as you struggled with such issues.

    Finally, please take time to introduce yourself; many SWC members prefer some insight before engaging. The thread is:
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