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Thread: Know anyone at FOB Naray?

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    Default Know anyone at FOB Naray?

    This may sound strange to ask on a public forum, but I'm trying to get down there to spend time with the Cav squadron there, and with all our crazy comms, it can't hurt for me to ask here and save myself the hassle of going through the bureaucracy.

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    Have you gone to the ADACG (Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group) on your FOB and asked them for a flight into there? They should be able to hook you up with a flight and contact information for anyone you want to contact there.

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    Cheers. I have someone very smart and talented on my FOB who handles my flights (just in case you're reading this, Riley). More a matter of having as many contacts as possible at Naray prior to arriving to do my research.

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