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Thread: What is presence patrolling?

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    Default What is presence patrolling?

    In a post on the thread 'Leading infantry tactics theoreticians/experts today': Jon Custis raised the issue of what is presence patrolling?

    I think this is the part of the paragraph that could launch discussion here:
    Perhaps it should start with a look at the definition of patrolling. (My italics) We haven't discussed it here at the SWC from what I can tell, but what is presence patrolling? One of the most significant complaints concerning OIF that I had and saw was the fact we commuted to work and ran patrols that accomplished very little outside of putting eyes on a certain patch of dirt for that particular period of time. We lost way too many good men and women while they drove to work.
    In a quick scroll through 'Trigger Puller' I found a couple of threads where the issue appeared: Patrol Base Infantry
    Costly Protection:
    MRAP & Infantry mobility:

    IIRC the issue has appeared in discussions on peacekeeping and UK operations in Northern Ireland, where building the policing concept of trust and confidence IMHO underpins such patrolling.

    May the discussion begin!
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