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To use a LE perspective again when one shift goes back to HQ another shift has already taken it's place, in other words there is always a full Presence patrol on duty 24/7. If you don't you have created a time GAP in your security SURFACE and the enemy/criminal will exploit that because he is always watching you even if you aren't watching him.
In the early months of 2005, my task force fell under 2 BCT and had the mission of securing a stretch of MSR Mobile that started about 15-20 kms west of the Thar-Thar canal bridge and east to just above Saqlawiyah (which was about 5 km NW of Fallujah).

The primary task as to control the MSR and ensure freedom of maneuver along that line of communication. Unfortunately, that became the only taks for the most part. We wound up becoming a static outpost-based force, siting mini Fort Apaches within line of sight of each other, and very quickly realized that the BGs knew where the seams were. If we even blinked too much, an IED was getting dropped out of the bottom of a minivan cut open Flintsone style, or slipped out of the trunk of a car at the same time as a jack and tire iron. Those guys were very good at that degree of subterfuge.