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Thread: TRADOC Losing Its Edge?

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    Default TRADOC Losing Its Edge?

    One would hope that FM 3-24 and counterinsurgency doctrine are not regarded as "not invented here" topics by TRADOC. From an entry today in The Best Defense blog by Tom Ricks:

    There was a time a couple of decades ago when the Army's Training and Doctrine Command was an intellectual powerhouse, leading the way in rebuilding the post-Vietnam Army. But in recent years, it hasn't been clear to me what it is doing down there on Ft. Monroe. I mean, in interviews I did for The Gamble about how the counterinsurgency manual was written, TRADOC didn't come up much -- and when it did, it was portrayed as a minor obstacle.
    To read the rest of Tom Ricks' piece, click on the below link:
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