This evaded my radar, although I am a RUSI member, follow: The entire report is on the link and no I've not read it yet.

How will the global struggle against terrorism evolve in the next decade? A new study published by the Royal United Services Institute brings together experts from across the world of counter-terrorism to provide answers, and to reflect on the successes and failures of the War on Terror.

After the War on Terror: Regional and Multilateral Perspectives on Counter-Terrorism Strategy provides critical insights on strategy and regional analyses of global terrorist threats.

1. Legitimacy, Credibility and Relevance: The Tools of Terrorists and ‘Counter-Terrorists’ by Richard Barrett
2. Measuring Success and Failure in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: US Government Metrics of the Global War on Terror by Alex P Schmid and Rashmi Singh
3. Countering Terrorism: The OSCE as a Regional Model by Raphael F Perl
4. Somalia and the Horn of Africa by Max Taylor
5. Jihadist Terrorism in North Africa and the Maghreb by Lianne Kennedy Boudali
6. Islamist Terrorism in the Caucasus and Central Asia by Ekaterina Stepanova
7. Al-Qa’ida and the Taliban: Dangerous Alliances in Afghanistan and Pakistan
by Abdel Bari Atwan